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By Sim Tatla • January 9, 2018

Help! How Do I Get My Financially Stressed Customers Back on Track?

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Money is one of the biggest stressors in people’s lives.

Paying off a student loan.

Saving for a wedding.

Buying a first home.

As financial institutions (FIs), you have an opportunity to help your customers better their financial health and overall life experiences by setting financial goals. And what better time than now? #newyearnewgoals

At Aequilibriumwe’re in the business of creating life experiences, so we put together three ways to help you improve your customers’ financial health this year:

1. Know Your Customers’ Financial Situation

Are they planning their dream trip to Bali and trying to save?

Did they recently lose their job and are financially struggling?

Do they have a large savings and have no idea what to do with it?

Customers have different lives and as a result, different financial situations. Get to know what your customers are going through and how you can personalize their experience to help set their financial goals for the year.

2. Have Touchpoints to Check-In on Their Goal Progress

Goals are meant to be tracked not forgotten. Make it your responsibility to hold your customers accountable for the financial goals they’ve set out for themselves.

To keep them on track, schedule a check-in appointment with them a few months after they’ve shared their goals with you. This way, they have a timeline in mind for making progress with their finances.

3. Offer Digital Advice

Customers want to be able to access their FI anytime, anywhere. While they’re in bed the night before their bill is due, when they’re commuting on the bus to work and want to make a loan payment, or even as they’re in line at the grocery store wanting to transfer funds in less than 5 minutes.

Accessibility, especially digitally, is a critical element in how customers want to be able to communicate with their FI. A main component of this is being able to receive advice from an advisor online and via mobile. When planning your digital solution for the year, it’s important to consider creating chatbots or other ways to provide your customers with digital advice to meet their accessibility needs.


We’re living in a digital age where financial customers are looking for ways to better manage their financial spending, saving, and planning. Try these three ways to help your customers set and meet their financial goals for 2018.

Anything you’d add to the list? Share your thoughts in the comments below!



Aequilibrium helps financial institutions create seamless and personalized digital experiences for their customers. By building rich and immersive digital solutions, Aequilibrium empowers FIs to deliver more intelligent and meaningful interactions across every customer touchpoint.

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